Enigmatoys-The Beginning

Enigmatoys-The Beginning

We are a family owned business that started our venture with traditional family values. I remember 23 years ago on Black Friday when me and my son would go shopping, and we saw this amazing little car that operated with a remote control. I had to get it for him. While playing and showing our friends and family, they all wanted one. It was expensive at 15.00 each at the mall so I researched how to buy a dozen for a cheaper price. Once I bought and sold them I had more people who wanted one, so I bought a mastercase of 96 pieces. Once all orders were filled, I still hadno 40 pieces left. I had no idea what to do with them, when my brother suggested to sell online on the auction sites, and the rest is history. My first and only toy was the "Mini Turbo Remote Control Car 27mhz". I decided to expand with adding more brand name quality toys such as Hot Wheels and Hasbro for a reasonable price.  But i wanted to geae toward small kids and family oriented products, so i included educational items, and toys for toddlers. I used the educational products on my son as well, so i knew first hand how the product performed. Complaints or errors with items i sold were either removed or information was corrected. I always believed in truth, honesty and integrity. These values I was taught and will pass it along to my children (I now have 4 children & 2 grandchildren). Most of the products I sell gives parents the opportunity to interact with their child while the child is developing and learning.  We have vast amounts of products which includes diecast cars, putty, slime, frisbees, spin tops, wind up toys, remote control, action figures, educational tools, retro toys, jokes & gags. In the beginning of this venture family values is what started my entrepanuership, and take care of my customers with quality brand items, competitive pricing to give value to each item, honesty, and great customer service. Come and browse, there are toys sell now, that me and my son laugh about till this day.

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