Skullduggery Cast & Paint Tyranosaurus Rex 19" Skeletal Cast & Mold Kit

Type: Model Kit
Vendor: Skullduggery


  • It's dino-time with Skullduggery's Cast & Paint T-Rex kit! This educational kit is packed with an info pamphlet about how paleontologists dig up real dinosaur bones, and modeling supplies for making your own Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. There's a bunch of PerfectCast that you mix with water and pour into molds - when it dries, you just pop it out. Then you can paint it any color you want (Rainbowsaurus Rex anyone?), glue magnets onto the pieces and stick 'em on the fridge. The instructions are pretty weak, and the paleontology info is about as much fun as brushing your teeth, but once you get the model made it's pretty cool.
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  • Illustrated Book
  • Cast & Mold Skeletal Remains
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