Lego Dimensions Krusty The Clown & Clown Bike (The Simpsons) 3 in 1 Build Kit Fun Pack Over 30 Pieces

Type: Lego
Vendor: WH-ZTPR-PL2F


 LEGO Dimensions Krusty  (From THE SIMPSONS Movie) Fun Pack gives you more options  for your LEGO Dimensions sets. Each pack contains one character and a vehicle and/or  weapon. Pack includes The Simpsons Krusty The Clown from the popular TV show.  KRUSTY and other characters from the LEGO Dimension can be used with many LEGO building sets. Add many characters and adventures to your game play with this LEGO gun pack.  It includes a single eccentric bike and the pie toting clown from the hit television series.